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Special Interest Clubs

Advocates for AVID

Sponsor: Catherine Kannokada,

Criteria for joining: Everyone welcome.


Do you have a pet or wish you did? Do you enjoy hanging out with animals and would love to spend more time with them? Then come join Animal Love Club! We will be spending time with animals by volunteering at animal shelters, help fund-raise and gather donated supplies for local shelters, and work with shelters/charities for adoption events.  Earn your community service hours in a fun and soft pawed way! Do you have an interest in a career that works with animals? We can explore those possibilities. If you have other ideas on how we can have fun with animals bring them with you to a meeting, all are welcome!

Sponsor: Kelly Malinowski,

Criteria for joining: Everyone welcome.


Anime is a form of Japanese cartoons. Our goal is to gather together in order to watch and discuss anime characteristics, content and style throughout the year.

Sponsor: Matt Joffe,

Criteria for joining: Everyone welcome


Sponsor: Bonnie Weiberg,

Criteria for joining: Everyone welcome.


The purpose of the A/V Club is to cultivate student interest in video production at Niles North High School. Students will tape school events (assemblies, sporting events, commercials, and more) and be included in the editing process as well.


Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


 ¡Baile! is a dance club that will explore various Latin and Hispanic dance styles. Anyone (with or without dance experience) is welcome to join and learn something new, or help share and teach something they know.

Sponsor: Monica Saucedo,

Criteria for joining: Everyone welcome


Get together and discuss various books. You decide what we read and you share what you really think.  A place where your voice and opinions matter. Join Book Club and come make some noise in the library.

Sponsor: Caitlin Greener,

Criteria for joining: Everyone welcome


This activity enables students to develop their creative skills. Student’s collect, edit and organize a magazine of student work: poetry, short stories, art and photography.

Sponsor: Jean Ordonez,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Coding club is geared towards students who are interested in computer programming.  We will be utilizing a broad range of resources to have fun building small yet functional programs, games and puzzles.  Coders of all abilities are welcome!

Sponsor: Angela Hankes,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


CEC Club is made up of students who care and want to learn more about students with disabilities. Our goal is to educate ourselves, school and community about students with disabilities. The CEC Club’s motto is: “Knowledge leads to understanding and understanding leads to acceptance”.

Sponsor: Ronald Dornseif,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Come to Niles North’s new Crochet Club and find your flow! So many of us during Covid started crocheting and found relaxation! Join us! We’ll be making scarves, and maybe even sweaters!

Sponsor: Molly Skelton,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Dungeons and Dragons Club is a place for parties to come together, go on adventures, and collaborate to solve all kinds of challenges. Anyone can join, even if they don’t have experience with the game.

Sponsor: Sara Derdiger, & Zachary Joritz,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Sponsors: Denise French,, and Alexandra Landon,

Criteria for joining: Everyone welcome.


Gaming Club is a place where students can come to relax and play collectible card games and other role playing sort of activities. The club hosts tournaments of various interactive video games for players of all levels, beginners through veterans to come and enjoy!

Sponsor: Thomas Marinis,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Sponsor: Davone Robinson,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Happy Club is a place where students are able to destress through crafts, field trips, and much more! We meet on the first and third Thursdays of the month in the IRC classroom, and anybody is welcome to join.

Sponsor: Caitlin Greener, and Daisy Castillo,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Join this group and plan all the events related to Homecoming at Niles North High School. Students at all grade levels are encouraged to participate.

Sponsors: Alexsandra Davood, & Kristen Orr,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome

Each class level at Niles North has a Class board that will represent them in the Student Government.  The Class Boards are designed to promote school spirit and class spirit and conduct all-school events.  Each class has elected officers and appointed offices.

Junior Class Board Sponsor: Rachel Berrios,

Senior Class Board Sponsor: Imee Reichel,

Criteria for joining club: Juniors and seniors welcome to attend.


Sponsor: Kerry Powell, and Kimberly Bernardi,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Philosophy club is a club dedicated to enhancing your ability to think and reason. We explore different branches of philosophy, as well as the history of different philosophers and their ideologies.

Sponsor: Bradley Greenspan,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Sponsors: Bradley Greenspan,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


The purpose of “Spoken Word Poetry Club” is to provide a space for students to develop their emerging skill with poetic forms, especially spoken word poetry. Spoken word poetry differs from other, more traditional, forms of poetry in that it is meant to be read aloud with elements of performance adding to the meaning of the piece. Musical lyrics might be a form considered as a part of this club. This club will operate like a writing workshop in which students will engage in a combination of invention activities designed to generate text, and reader response activities designed to provide feedback to the authors. The baseline outcome for this club will be the legitimization of student poetry as a serious craft. The club will also aim to compete in poetry slams, including Chicago’s “Louder Than a Bomb” poetry slam. Members may also wish to compete in the national poetry recitation competition “Poetry Out Loud.” In addition, the club will look for other outlets to “publish” its poetry, including the North Star, assemblies, etc.

Sponsors: Alessandra Gallo,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Purple Pack is a club that focuses on building school spirit at events, games, etc. Get ready to show your VIKING SPIRIT!

Sponsor: John Bias,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Love all things sneakers? Join Sneaker Club!

Sponsors: Christopher Joung,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.

SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism)

SOAR is a multiracial organization dedicated to anti-racism organizing to respond constructively to issues and events, engage in courageous conversations about race, build community, develop anti-racist leaders, connect and work with the Niles Township Community and honor everyone’s humanity.

Sponsor: Alexsandra Davood,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.

The group meets regularly to voice and address student concerns. Members represent student body in participation of committees including EPAC, School Board, PTSA, School Improvement, amd TCSI. Members also meet with security, principals, and cafeteria.

Sponsors: Elizabeth Shay, and Kia Pickett,
Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.

YND (Why Not Dance?)

Show your skills in this dance club, or if you’re simply interested in learning about Hip-hop dance, just join!

Sponsor: Jessica Mielenz.

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome