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Competitive Clubs


Students who are interested join this competitive team.  Some have played on a similar team in junior high, others, who are very knowledgeable in a particular subject matter, may be recommended by a faculty member.  This is an IHSA competition team.

Sponsor: John Kretsos,, and Tom Chung,

Criteria for joining club:  Open to everyone.

Academic Challenge in Engineering and Science (ACES)

Participate in challenging competition against other high schools in areas of mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, computer fundamentals and engineering graphics. Local, regional, and state competitions usually occur. A tea of fourteen students and a maximum number of 14 students ”at large” participate in the competition.

Sponsors: John Kretsos,, Tom Chung,, and Christine Camel,

Criteria for joining club:  High scores on qualifying exams.


We will be joining the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow competition. Hot Rodders of Tomorrow is an American national competition where high school students tear-down and rebuild an engine in the shortest time possible.

Sponsor: David Andrejek,

Criteria for joining: Everyone welcome.


This club is open to all students who have an interest in learning the tactics and strategies of the game of chess. Students may participate in competitive events.

Sponsor: Rick Meyer,, Josh Yamamoto,, and Adil Dzelilovic.

Criteria for joining club: Must have an interest in chess.


Debate is an activity in which students research and debate about United States policies. Students will have the opportunity to learn about current events, politics, foreign relations, philosophy and a host of other issues. The debate season runs from September to April and the team will travel locally and nationally for competition a few weekends each month. The significant amount of scheduled tournaments gives all interested students the opportunity to compete at tournaments. Debaters will develop useful research, analytical and public speaking skills that will stay with them throughout high school, college and the rest of their lives.

Sponsor: Lauren Velazquez,


Criteria for joining club: Everyone is welcome!

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)

This club is designed to provide activities for students who are interested in careers in marketing and management occupations.  Students participate in a program of instruction, which prepares them for competition with other schools.  This is an excellent program for students interested in a career in business.  Recommended for students enrolled in the DECA class.  DECA is co-curricular, which means it functions hand-in-hand with your marketing course at school.  DECA’s role as a professional student organization is to provide you with opportunities to take the skills and knowledge you learn in the classroom and apply them in a practical manner to your career and life goals.  DECA also serves in partnership with the business community to give you first-hand knowledge and a chance to advance in your chosen career.

Sponsors: Jean Attig,, Kara Mielke,, and Nick Pahl,

Criteria for joining club:  Co-curricular, must be on schedule.


E-sports is a term derived from “electronic sports” ad is essentially competition in video games at a very high level, similar to traditional sports. E-sports titles vary from team-based games to individual games with each title assuming a certain genre.  Genres vary from multi-player online battle arena (MOBA), to player vs. player (PvP), to real-time strategy (RTS), and first-person shooters (FPS). New interest form for this year:  eSports does not have a regular meeting time; We communicate through the gaming software we play or our server. Students can sign up to join it through THIS google form.

Sponsor: Damani Brown, and Ginel Lumpkin,

Criteria for joining club: Must have an interest in competitive gaming.


Students who enjoy intriguing math problems, puzzles and patterns will benefit from this club.  Math club members participate in contests against other schools and participate in the Annual Mathematics Contest.  This club will challenge your math ability.  Faculty coaches prepare students for competition.

Sponsors: (Head Coach) Sean Delahanty,, and Jody Trapani,

Criteria for joining club: Open to all math students.


The Model UN is sponsored by national colleges and universities whose very own Model UN students provide mock environments of the world’s United Nations. At their provided conventions, Niles North High School students have the opportunity to learn parliamentary style debating skills when acting as UN delegates from nations all over the world. In our real high school world, as many as 2,500 teen delegates from as far as Canada and California attend these conventions! Niles North’s Model UN invite those students to join who love to debate international issues, and would find several weekends of fun inspiring of learned debate skills, and well researched papers of politics. You can even act as an International reporter!

Sponsor: Rachael Berrios,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.

RIOT Club (Researchers and Investigators of Tomorrow)

This Club is designed to encourage students with special ability and/or interest in science to go beyond the limits of the classroom in developing their own ideas and perhaps aiding them in their progress towards a career in science.  As members, students develop, design and execute individual scientific research and experimentation.  Students are encouraged to exhibit and compete with their research at various local and state expositions.  Students may form research teams to solve various problems concerning environmental and technological crises, etc.  Students are also provided with opportunities for summer research apprenticeship positions.

Sponsors: RJ Thielsen,

Criteria for joining club: Need to have an interest in science to attend.


Robotics is a club for students who wish to explore engineering and robotics.  Students will be exposed to the concepts of engineering through planning, building, and programming with VEX Robotics. Students will compete with their robot at VEX competitions throughout the state.

Sponsors: Chris Powell, and Robb Barton,

Criteria for joining: Co-curricular, must enrolled engineering or computer science department class.


This Club is devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science, and providing recognition for outstanding achievement.  These goals are accomplished through activities, research, workshops, and participation of intramural, district, regional, state and national tournaments.  The Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of individual and team events which students prepare for during club meetings.  The events are balanced between the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers, and technology.  There is also a balance between events requiring knowledge of science facts and hands-on science.  Examples include building bottle rockets, bridges, towers, a Rube Goldberg devise, etc., as well as events which demand knowledge of genetics, scientific process, entomology, orienteering, etc.  The Science Olympiad coaches determine final team selection.

Sponsors: Jessica Garcia,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


The Niles North Mock Trial Team (Viking Law) is a competitive academic extracurricular activity with both a Varsity and JV team. The Varsity team competes in the National Empire Mock Trial competition in the Fall In addition, each year, we receive a case from the Illinois State Bar Association and prepare lawyers and witnesses for the plaintiff/prosecution and defendant. We then participate in regional tournaments against other schools in the state leading up to the Illinois State Bar Association State tournament in Champaign in the Spring. It’s a great way to sharpen your public-speaking, critical-thinking, leadership, collaboration and writing skills!

Sponsor: Jim Edwards,

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.


Latinx student leaders prepare for an annual Chicano College Bowl, a knowledge bowl tournament based on the PBS video series Latino Americans. This is an interactive and fun way for students to learn about their contributions to US History with a Latino focus. It’s an empowering experience that celebrates and guides students to recognize their role as future keepers of history.

Sponsor: Alejandra Arteaga, 

Criteria for joining club: Everyone welcome.